Inner Beauty

We are all moved by the image of a beautiful woman or a handsome man, but beauty is so much more than skin deep. If we think about the people in our lives who we admired or who influenced us, they weren’t necessarily beautiful in the classic sense.

They may have a caring loving nature, or a beautiful smile, a reassuring tone or words which were full of wisdom. Beauty is something which can shine through us all, It’s the sum of all our parts, put together and expressed in a unique and delightful way. In Ayurveda beauty is seen as something which results from a harmonious balance of body, mind and soul. Only when these components are working together will real beauty shine through. This inter-connectedness of body, mind and soul, results in the fulness of life, connecting us to our true essential nature, which is Joy.

We can all achieve a degree of beauty regardless of our looks or age, true beauty is actually an outward expression of positive and noble thoughts, the humanity of ones life expressed through grace and serenity. When we care for our body, by eating healthily, take regular excercise and meditate regularly we start to reconnect with our true nature. This is carried into our daily lives in whatever we do, enhancing our own relationship with the world around us and that of our relationship with others.

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