Diwali Celebration at The Harmony Centre, Walpole, Halesworth, Suffolk. Tuesday 13th November 7p.m – 10p.m

In India Diwali is a festival which comes at the end of the monsoon season and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. Diwali is called the Festival of Lights and is celebrated to honor Rama-chandra, the seventh avatar (incarnation of the god Vishnu). It is believed that on this day Rama returned to his people after 14 years of exile during which he fought and won a battle against the demons and the demon king, Ravana. People lit their houses to celebrate his victory over evil (light over darkness.)The goddess of happiness and good fortune, Lakshmi, also figures in the celebration. It is believed that she roams the earth on this day and enters the houses that are pure, clean, and bright. Everyone dresses in their best clothes and women in silk saris. Diwali celebrations may vary in different communities but its significance and spiritual meaning is generally “The awareness of the inner light which shines within us all.”
Please come and join us for an evening celebration, and let us bring the light in together! We will start with a Pooja, mantra chanting and a group meditation, followed by sharing some delicious food, and a chance to speak to practitioners, and have a general get together, ending the evening with the screening of an Indian Movie! All are welcome, please bring a vegetarian sweet or savory dish with you, and please RSVP so we have an idea of numbers.
Please call lucietta at The Harmony centre.  tel: 01986-784712