Dr Hauschka Conference at WALA Germany.

In May I was invited to Wala Heilmitell in Germany. Wala are the manufacturers of Anthroposophical medicines and Dr Hauschka cosmetics. The company was founded in the 1940's by Dr Rudolph Hauschka, Hauschka studied and developed medicines born out of the study of rhythm being the carrier of life. A group of estheticians from the UK and Europe met together for a conference to update us on the work that WALA does. This included bio-dynamic growing and cultivation ( an organic system which takes into account the phases of the moon to gain optimum growing potential and vitality along with only using orgsnic materials in the composting and cultivation process) spending time in the herb garden familiarising ourselves with the plant ingredients which go to make up these wonderful products. We also learnt more about their world -wide distribution and international work setting- up and helping communities develop fair trade businesses from the growing and cultivation of plants and herbs used in the products.I'm looking forward to return for a training course in the near future.