Partner Yoga – Halasana

Partner Yoga can be fun and it’s also a useful way of helping you attain a position you might find difficult to achieve on your own. One person acts as a prop and support. Here in Halasana, the two heads are touching end to end and each person holds onto the other persons upper arms. By resisting against the arms, rolling- up is made easier as well as rolling down and helps to prevent the head and neck flicking up. You feel supported by your partner.

Here’s a quote from one of my regular Yoga Students
‘I have been attending Tanya’s yoga session on a Tuesday morning at the harmony centre for almost 2 years now. I love it! I have a very busy life and cherish the quiet time, the chanting, the meditation and different breathing techniques. The hour and half of gentle yoga is interesting and never repetitive. I appreciate the small class size which allows Tanya to give us all individual attention. It is my hours sanctuary a week! thank you, Love Sally.’