Reviews of Tanya’s Treatments.

Massage and Beauty Treatments

‘I would like to recommend Tanya Bradbury to anyone who needs and would like to experience massage and the
Dr Hauschka Beauty Treatments. All that Tanya has done for me has helped me with good health and well-being.

I had my first sessions with Tanya after I contracted shingles on my face and head 4 years ago.There is something unique about the Dr Haushka facial that promotes natural healing. The scars on my face have gone and her massage has helped the tension in my neck and shoulder muscles, so that I can now continue driving. Those are the facts, but I just love the treatments.

Time with Tanya is so well spent, I come away feeling the best that I can be, physically and mentally.’
I hope this is not too over the top but this is exactly how I feel.


I am a longtime advocate of Dr Hauschka treatments and by chance, I discovered Tanya 12 years ago in Southwold and have happily followed her to her new location in Laxfield.
Tanya and her treatments are fabulous for the soul and well-being and she offers an oasis of calm.
It is amazing what a Dr Hauschka treatment can achieve. I have suffered very badly with rosacea in the past but the Dr Hauschka treatment and products keep that at bay and my skin looks amazingly clear. I would recommend everyone to Tanya, and especially if they have sensitive skin.


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