Dr Hauschka Conference at WALA Germany.

In May I was invited to Wala Heilmitell in Germany. Wala are the manufacturers of Anthroposophical medicines and Dr Hauschka cosmetics. The company was founded in the 1940's by Dr Rudolph Hauschka, Hauschka studied and developed medicines born out of the study of rhythm being the carrier of life. A group of estheticians from the UK and Europe met together for a conference to update us on the work that WALA does. This included bio-dynamic growing and cultivation ( an organic system which takes into account the phases of the moon to gain optimum growing potential and vitality along with only using orgsnic materials in the composting and cultivation process) spending time in the herb garden familiarising ourselves with the plant ingredients which go to make up these wonderful products. We also learnt more about their world -wide distribution and international work setting- up and helping communities develop fair trade businesses from the growing and cultivation of plants and herbs used in the products.I'm looking forward to return for a training course in the near future.

What is Health

Health is the outward expression of vitality arising from the bio- intelligence contained within all living cells and at the heart of this vitality is rhythm.
As human beings participating within this universe, we are constantly influenced by the rhythms of nature, yet often are unaware of its subtle force. The Circadian rhythms found in most living things respond primarily to light and darkness and work on a 24 hour cycle.
Sleep, one of our most important bio-rhythms is essential for health and is necessary to rest and restore the mind and body.
Seasonal changes which unfold throughout the year affect our mood and lifestyle and the monthly phases of the moon which move the ocean tides, manifest physical changes within a women’s body.
We can say that these rhythms are the ordering principles of creation, creating form from the formless, nourishing and upholding all life on earth and the wider cosmos.
In essence man is the microcosm, a reflection of the universe or macrocosm, and everything contained within it.
These rhythmic motions are a property unique to all living cells, tissues and fluids emanating from nature and directly influencing our whole physiology
Underlying all these rhythms is The Unified Field or Ground State, written about in ancient Vedic texts and now recognised by modern quantum physics as a silent, yet dynamic level of reality.
From this unmanifest level of life, Brahman, all manifest life evolves, expressing itself through a dynamic self- referral process of consciousness.
Within even the smallest cell that expression of consciousness can be seen as a greater part of the whole mind – body continuum. This innate intelligence is within every living cell of our body and it reflects our health and well-being. It is only when we move away from this natural healthy state through lack of discrimination that the disease starts to manifest.
In Vedanta this is know as Pragya Aparadh, (the mistake of the intellect)
If we reconnect to this source of being then healing can take place at the deepest level. The technique of bio-dynamic craniosacral therapy reconnects the whole physiology to this deeper level of life. Through practice, the practitioner becomes aware of fundamental rhythms or tides within the body the body, which transport the Breathe of life within the fluids and tissues. By coming to rest at the still-point; a pause in the movement of the tide, the mind – body physiology is reconnected to this silent yet dynamic field thus allowing potential for increased healing and potency.
So our health is always there just bubbling under the surface, we just need to find the way to access it.

‘Health is related to a return to the freedom of interchange between body physiology and stillness.’ Rolin Becker.

Yata Pinde Tat Brahmande
You are the universe within the universe.
The world outside of you is inside you.
As is the cosmic body so is the personal body
As is the cosmic mind so is the personal mind.
Rig Veda.

In silence the teachings are heard.
In stillness the world is transformed.
Lao Tzu