The Magicial effects of a Dr Hauschka Classic Treatment

A two hour Dr Hauschka Classic treatment is unlike any other facial. In fact calling it a facial demeans it. A healing treatment, which transforms the appearance of you skin, leaving you looking great and feeing calm and relaxed. Dr Hauschka’s unique lymphatic movements of the face and neck are subtle yet incredibly powerful. These gentle movements performed by the hands  and ultra soft brushes help to stimulate the flow of lymph. The Lymph is a magical substance which bathes all the tissues of the face and body in fluid. By increasing the flow of the lymph, the tissues are plumped up and fine lines and tension  spots are removed from the face. Redness and congestion due to broken capillaries or rosacea is diminished as the capillary flow finds new pathways. One of my regular clients who is in her seventies, remarked last week that her husband said she looked ten years younger after her treatment with me. Treatments may be taken every month and are perfect even before a special occasion, there is no need to wait for the skin to settle down as with most facial treatments. You will notice instantly how comfortable your skin feels, no tightness or taut feeling, just a glowing radiance and plumpness to the skin.

The Two hour Classic treatment  is £95.00