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Dr. Rudolph Hauschka, (1891-1969) first developed his herbal remedies in the 1930’s.

Inspired by the teachings of Rudolf Steiner, Hauschka set about examining the rhythms of nature as the basis of a system of entirely natural medicine, which aimed to create a botanical extract from a plant that carried not only its physical essence but its life-force as well.

All the plants and flowers use in Hauschka products are organically and biomedically grown, planted at specific phases of the moon and harvested at sunrise, when the vital energy in the plant is at its highest. The care and attention employed in the processing of the plan ingredients is unique.

The resulting products nourish and re-establish the natural functioning of the skin, which Hauschka considers to be as important as any other vital organ.

The Dr. Hauschka facial’s therapeutic effect is to balance the natural rhythms of the body, working primarily in the lymphatic system gently to cleanse, detoxify and tone the skin.

Advantages of Dr. Hauschka products include:

  • Products are certified natural, containing the highest-quality plant and mineral ingredients
  • Carefully chosen ingredients based on individual effects on the skin, as well as the way it interacts with other ingredients
  • Careful research has gone into every plant’s origin, making sure it comes from an ecologically and ethically sound source
  • Carefully designed and manufactured packaging that keeps the product range free of artificial preservatives