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Maharishi Ayurveda (MAV) ‘the knowledge of life' is the most ancient, complete and natural system of holistic health care. MAV is uniquely empowering, as it allows you to get back in touch with your own innate healing potential.

By cooperating with your body’s intelligence, you can restore and maintain good health, enabling you to: look younger, feel better, increase your energy, normalise your weight, achieve more and prolong your life.

During your initial consultation you will be assessed by a unique system of pulse diagnosis (Nadi Vigyan) that determines your mind-body constitution in terms of the prevailing body-rhythms (doshas) and reveals your existing state of health.

Following on this, an individual programme of treatment to correct your imbalance will be prescribed. This comprises: dietary advice; daily routine and lifestyle adjustment; herbal food supplements; oil massage; meditation and yoga.

These treatments remove deep-seated toxins and stresses, thereby restoring harmony, balance and energy.